Nue Year, New Business

NUE Agency
1 min readJan 8, 2019

I love the optimism at the top of the year. It lasts through January and even into Spring. I probably say this every 365 days, but I’m as excited and passionate about the music business as I’ve ever been. Growth is inevitable as artists take greater control of their careers and brands continue to crack the code that a dynamic connection to music creates. Who needs Facebook ads in 2019? We’re after meaningful partnerships done right.

When the inbox notifications slow down over the holidays, some people relax, others reflect, and others explore new interests. I took the downtime to dive headfirst into the writing of my first book. I hope to have it finished and published by Q4. It will cover my life’s work with a focus on lessons brands can learn from musicians.

Besides our annual planning meetings, we have a power-packed agenda this week. CES kicks off today in Vegas and tomorrow the W Music Summit clicks its spurs together in Austin, Texas.

Attention, 2019: we’re coming for you!!!

- Jesse K.

Originally published at Nue Agency.